Bespoke Process


Bespoke Mens Suits

Over ninety percent of the custom clothing made is made by using the “Made to Measure” process.

In that process a block pattern (that’s been pre-determined) is altered to fit the client as best they can.

In my bespoke process no block patterns are use at all. More measurements are taken, and an individual pattern is made for each and every client. I know there are no two bodies that are the same, which is why I take over 50 measurements. When you have a tailor-suit that is made just for you, it fits you like a glove. Having a well-made bespoke suit provides you with a sense of empowerment and elevates your self-confidence.


Consequently, resulting in a much better fit, closer to the body at the same time more comfortable!

Hours of handwork in our bespoke suit, will guarantee you a suit you are completely satisfied with. You will still be enjoying your suit 20 years down the road.

If your livelihood depends on you having a polished tailored look, I highly recommend you try a suit made by my bespoke process!!

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