We specialize in bespoke made clothing.

Over 90% of the custom clothing sold in the United States are made using the made to measure process. In that process, a pre-determined pattern is altered to fit the client as best they can. In my bespoke process no pre-determined pattern is use, an individual pattern is created from scratch for each and every client. The results are a better fit, closer to the body at the same time more comfortable.

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When you enter Custom Tailor & Design you are dealing with me, Cornell Frye, not a corporation. I have been a bespoke tailor for many years, and look forward to providing you with a suit that will last.

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Searching For The Right Customized Suits And Wedding Styles?

In today’s fashion world, wearing custom suits have been in trend. Customized suits have created a buzz across the fashion industry. Have you ever thought about what makes personalized suits an ideal choice for every occasion? This is due to the comfort, elegance, and personalized touch that custom-made suits add to your personality.

Advantages Of Custom-Made Suits

Let’s take a glance at some of the advantages of wearing customized suits.

  1. They allow individuals to use basics and wear what they want.
  2. Wearing what’s on your mind provides satisfaction and adds simplicity to your styling.
  3. It makes you more stylish and personalized suits speak volumes about your individuality.
  4. Your style is an eye opener for you and defines your color sense and what you think of complex patterns.

Considering the benefits that our custom-made suits can do to your personality, let’s know how we add a bit of personal touch to your garments.

How Does My Bespoke Process Work?

We create stylish yet comfortable attire for our esteemed clients through our custom-made techniques. Our fundamental focus is on style and fit. However, we focus on various other parameters such as simplicity, elegance, poise, and many more. Accessories are also a fundamental part of any attire. We give suggestions to our clients on how they can improve their dressing. Further, we even give valuable advice about which color will enhance their personality and what will not look good on them.

1. Fitting is Our Primary Goal

Our experts believe that a suit that is the best fit will be more appropriate as compared to a suit that is expensive and ill-fitted.Custom-made suits have a great advantage that you can choose your preference and what suits your body type. We work according to the requirements of our clients and then add value to their suits and wedding attire.

2. Simplicity is the key

We focus on keeping the attire clean, classy, and simple. We provide our clients with what colors will suit their personality and will make them shine amongst the others. Some people prefer dark colors while others prefer light and soothing colors. It all depends on how a customer wants their attire to look. Our experts also suggest colors that will go well with business meetings, weddings, or events.

3. Use Minimal Accessories

Gone are the days when you have to dress up with a lot of attractive and heavy accessories. Today’s fashion sense is defined by simplicity and the use of minimal accessories. Always use an accessory that adds value and class to your clothing. Some people choose to prefer the same color tie as the color of the suit while some prefer to go for a different colored tie that would contrast with the suit.

Our expert squad advises that you dress in such a way that does not complicate your personality. You must dress effortlessly and that will make everyone compliment you for being who you are.

How Can A Detroit Tailor Help You For Custom Suit

Customized clothing whether it is a suit, jacket, wedding gown, or any other dress is aimed to represent your best self. The bespoke process is intended to enhance your confidence and add a spark to your personality. Choose a Detroit tailor who creates perfectly fitted clothes for their esteemed clients.

We design unique garments that will suit your personality. Our clothes will be your vision for yourself and that will suit your body. We create the best-fitted and perfectly altered clothes to create your best version. Your personality will portray your inner self and will highlight your individuality. A tailor in Detroit will create clothes that will suit your personal.

Contact A Detroit Tailor For Your Bespoke

We use high-quality material, the best construction, and the finest design that are according to your requirements. Your clothes will speak volumes about yourself through our bespoke technique and customized creation. Tailored Detroit will make customized clothes for you.